Create Positive Patterns in Your Life


I am dedicated to working with clients whose personality and life experience were shaped by more than one culture. Working closely with a client, I seek to empower the multicultural person through all chapters of life: to build confidence, to be connected in important relationships and valued in the community.

/ Mizuho 'Miho' Kanazawa /


I would love to hear your stories — and how you're feeling today. Our session will begin with your story.  We will listen together without criticism or judgment.  Over time, as we continue, you'll gain a new perspective and awareness, accompanied by fresh ideas and behaviors, and many practical tools.  As we understand and explore the aspects of your life, the therapy room will become a safe space to rehearse your real life.  You'll find viable solutions for the day-to-day issues you face outside of our session room. 

I work with people who juggle multiple cultures: your original one and evolving one. You might be here as an international student or on business. You might be here to raise a family but feel like you don't belong. You might be raised by 1st generation Asian parents. You might be in a relationship where you and your partner come from different cultural backgrounds. Do you often choose silence to avoid conflict in a relationship? Do you feel you are taken lightly because you are from different country or culture?

Prioritizing what is important in your life and tuning in with what you feel and want, sometimes becomes a confusing challenge. I work with clients to have a space to organize thoughts, and find a strong core within one self. I see adults, international students, teens, and intercultural couples.

You may be frustrated by a situation in your life, or by an important relationship.  You may be worried about your child and seeking practical advice.  You may feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts.  Or perhaps you are lonely, needing guidance and compassion.  

When we meet, you will see I have a gentle, yet direct approach.  

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I do my best to provide:

A safe place. You will not be judged :)

We'll explore practical and creative alternatives.

Your life will be enriched with a sense of balance.

You will feel empowered.


I focus on these services:


Couple's Work   (interracial and/or intercultural couples)

Social & Emotional Skill Building Sessions for young adults

Life-Work-Expression Balance Coaching