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Psychotherapy | Couple's Work |  Social & Emotional Skill Building for Young Adults | 
Life-Work-Expression Balance Coaching |

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I work with the following areas.  Clients are adults, teens and children. 

  • Conflict in Relationship  (at home, at work, or/and at school)
  • Anxiety 
  • Feeling unmotivated /Isolated/depressed
  • Adjustment issues (cultural issues in America, Language issues, home-sick, etc)
  • Daily Stress
  • Trauma from illness (includes hospitalization), injury, and car accidents
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Anger Management
  •  Panic Disorder
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Communication issues
  • Psychological Trauma from pregnancy or  from giving birth
  • Children with medical issues or trauma ( or siblings of a child who is sick)
  • Children with anxiety issues
  • Children who have tics, stuttering, nail biting, selective mutism symptoms. 

Couple's Work

I specialize in international/interracial/intercultural marriage or partnership: 

The sessions focus on understanding the relationship patterns, creating closeness and intimacy, and enhancing communication skills within the relationship, while understanding each partner's unique differences. 

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Social & Emotional Skills Building for Young Adults.

I work with young adults using talk, creative arts, and drama therapy techniques.   

Clients will be able to learn about feelings and express them through sessions with me.  I have a gentle, fun and playful approach to the work with young adults.   Sometimes, a Young adult needs a space to speak to a mentor/therapist who they trust that is not their parents. When I see a young adult, I also offer coaching sessions to their parents to create positive communication patterns at home.  

Currently I work with young adults at their various stages and challenges:  

  • Young adults who are "hard on" themselves.
  • Young adults who are acting out at school, not following directions from teachers or parents. 
  • Young adults who want to be actors or become expressive artists. (practicing monologues and improvisational theater techniques to enhance creativity and honesty) 
  • Young adults who have challenge in making and connecting with friends, and speaking up for themselves. 
  • Young adults who want to develop better social skill, self awareness, self confidence and spontaneity. 
  • Young adults whose parents are going through separation, divorce, re-marriage (changes in family system). 
  • Young adults who are anxious, worried or extremely shy. 
  • Young adults who have tics, stuttering, nail biting, selective mutism symptoms. 
  • Young adults and parents who feel disconnect from each other. 
  • Young adults who are unable to attend school.
  • Young adults who are showing aggressive behaviors, bullying, etc

Life-Work-Expression Balance Coaching

This is a session with a person age 18 years old and up.

When was the last time you took time for yourself? 

I work with persons in all walks of lives and at different chapters in their lives. 

I provide space for you to catch your breath and tune into yourself, physically and mentally.  We are  bombarded with thoughts and we simply need time to organize our thoughts and feel our feelings, and make a plan for action. 




About Insurance —

I am an out-of-network provider for health insurance companies. I will be happy to provide you with session receipts along with all necessary information to allow you to submit the claim to your insurance provider.


I have been seeing Miho for 4 years.  You can not get any more authentic relationship than the one with her.  She is honest, funny, and insightful.  My life blossomed because of the support she has given me.  

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