Social & Emotional Skills Building for Young Adults.

I work with young adults using talk, creative arts, and drama therapy techniques.   

Clients will be able to learn about feelings and express them through sessions with me.  I have a gentle, fun and playful approach to the work with young adults.   Sometimes, a Young adult needs a space to speak to a mentor/therapist who they trust that is not their parents. When I see a young adult, I also offer coaching sessions to their parents to create positive communication patterns at home.  

Currently I work with young adults at their various stages and challenges:  

  • Young adults who are "hard on" themselves.
  • Young adults who are acting out at school, not following directions from teachers or parents. 
  • Young adults who want to be actors or become expressive artists. (practicing monologues and improvisational theater techniques to enhance creativity and honesty) 
  • Young adults who have challenge in making and connecting with friends, and speaking up for themselves. 
  • Young adults who want to develop better social skill, self awareness, self confidence and spontaneity. 
  • Young adults whose parents are going through separation, divorce, re-marriage (changes in family system). 
  • Young adults who are anxious, worried or extremely shy. 
  • Young adults who have tics, stuttering, nail biting, selective mutism symptoms. 
  • Young adults and parents who feel disconnect from each other. 
  • Young adults who are unable to attend school.
  • Young adults who are showing aggressive behaviors, bullying, etc